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Child Development: What to Expect From a 3 Year Old

Your child is entering a world of curiosity and independence! This article quickly lists the development milestones and warning signals for a child who is 3 Year Old. A child should be able to: walk, run, climb, kick and jump easily recognize and identify common objects and pictures by pointing make sentences of two or […]

Why Do Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

Babies are like mirrors! They reflect your anxiety Why do Babies Cry? Crying serves several useful purposes for your baby. It gives him a way to call for help when he is hungry or uncomfortable. Sometimes it helps him to get rid of excess energy and release tension. There are many causes other than hunger, […]

Cold & Flu

Use of Garlic to Cure Cold Naturally

Garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties. The oil in garlic has many medicinal virtues and opens up the respiratory tract and brings down the body temperature. Here are some effective uses of garlic to cure cold. 1. Take 4 cloves of fresh garlic, dice them into small pieces and boil them in a cup of […]

A Lemon a Day Keeps Cold Away!

‘Common cold’ is caused due to a virus and it normally lasts for 3-10 days. There are more than 200 viruses that are known to cause symptoms of cold. Because there are so many different viruses and new viruses constantly develop, our body cannot build up resistance against all of them. Even though studies have […]


Constipation Treatment with Home Remedies (II)

1. Take one onion, cut it smear with some lemon juice and have it with meals to avoid constipation. 2. Consume 1-3 grams of Haldi Churna (Mango Ginger) with water, every morning and evening to avoid constipation. 3. Extract juice of Bael fruit (also known as Bilwa, Stone Apple or Bengal Quince), add honey to […]

Home Remedies for Constipation – 5 Natural Ways

1. Take hot milk with one spoon of Almond oil at night before going to bed. This is an effective treatment for constipation. 2. Take three teaspoon of Isabgol (also known as Psyllium seed husks, Ispaghula or simply as Psyllium) in warm milk or water at night before going to bed. 3. Add 10 drops […]

Acidity Treatment

Foods That Reduce Acidity

1. Almonds can be taken to prevent heartburn and acidity. 2. A Banana taken daily prevents acidity and heartburn. 3. Acidity can also be avoided by eating an Onion at mealtime. 4. Avoid beans, cereals, crackers, eggs, flour products, grains, oily foods, macaroni, and sugar. Plums, prunes, and cranberries do not oxidize and therefore remain […]

Home Remedies to Cure Acidity (I)

Acidity refers to excess secretion of acid by gastric glands of the stomach which results into burning sensation in stomach, heartburn, constant pain in upper abdomen, bitter taste in mouth, vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite, etc. Here are 5 home remedies that will help cure acidity in your body; 1. One of the best […]

Baldness Treatment

Baldness Treatment with Natural Remedies

Reasons for baldness determine the treatment. Though natural remedies may take longer time to take effect, they are natural and hence there could be minimum or no side-effects as compared to the medicines and costly treatments given by various institutes. Here are some natural remedies for treating baldness; 1. Grind Fenugreek (methi) seeds with water […]

Treatment for Baldness, try it, you will not be disappointed!

5 natural remedies to cure baldness: 1. Extract juice from garlic, add equal amount of water and apply on bald areas twice a day. Continue for four months and notice hair growth in bald areas. Do eat raw garlic for effective results. 2. Extract juice from an onion, apply it on bald areas and massage […]

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Treatment with Simple Home Remedies

Weight loss can be essential for people who are overweight and obese. While overweight is called pre-obese, is the initial stage of obesity. Overweight may or may not lead to obesity. Obesity is the medical condition where excess body fat is accumulated and causes adverse effect on health. Proper Diet and Regular Exercise is a […]

Healthy Food for Obesity

Eating abnormal amount of unhealthy food without any or enough exercise can lead to obesity. Reducing weight is a challenge and requires a lot of determination. Along with exercise and proper diet, follow these simple home remedies to reduce excess fat. 1. Extract juice of Spinach (Palak), add lemon juice and have it to reduce […]

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