Treatment for Tuberculosis (TB) – 7 Natural Ways

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Tuberculosis (TB) is a specific infectious disease caused by ‘Myobacterium’ tuberculosis, which can affect any part of the body, the most common site being the lungs.

Follow these simple remedies religiously to get relief.

1. Garlic could be a boon for TB patients. Garlic which is rich in sulphuric acid destroys the germs causing TB in different parts of the human body

2. To one glass of hot milk add 10 drops of garlic juice and drink it before going to bed. Do not drink water after taking the said treatment.

3. Take 10 cloves of garlic, dice it and boil it in ¼ litre of milk. Eat the boiled pieces of garlic and then drink the milk. If this treatment is continued for sometime, the patient can be completely cured.

4. For the cure of bone TB (Necrosis) eat five cloves of garlic. Extract one spoon of garlic juice mix it in one cup of water and massage the affected bone with this mixture. If continued for a long time the patient can be cured.

5. Take Basil (Tulsi) leaves and Pomegranate seeds 48 grams each, Rock salt and Coriander powder 24 grams each, dried ginger, pepper and white cumin seeds (jeera) 12 grams each, sugar 144 grams. Grind all the ingredients and sieve them and make small balls of 4 grams and give it to TB patients.

6. Smear plenty of lemon juice on onion pieces and chew them thoroughly and swallow them. TB can be effectively cured by a regular intake of onions.

7. Every time you feel thirsty add ½ teaspoon of onion juice to a glass of water and drink it.

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